This site grew out of two desires 1) to see honest reviews that reflect the reader’s place in time when they are reading the book and 2) to see a connection between books and reviews online and books in the real world.

The books reviewed here are ones I come to me through serendipity. I purposely try to focus on independent and new authors, though some reviews will be of seasoned authors’ books or large publishing houses if those are what I happen to come by. If you are interested in having your book reviewed, feel free to contact me at reviewsbymarie@gmail.com. All reviews are posted to Incidental Reviews. The books are placed in a little free library with a BookCrossing number that I’m happy to share if you’d like to track where the copy of your book goes. Reviews of 4 or 5 stars are also posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and LibraryThing. Reviews below 4 stars will only be posted to those sites upon the author’s or publisher’s request. Since the reviewed books are gifted to little free libraries once reviewed, I can’t accept e-books.